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Let it Rain – The Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker & Phone Answerer


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The Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker that works even under heavy rain or a simulated rain, your shower or if you are surfing on Malibu Beach. Stick the speaker on your surfboard with the built in suction cup. Surfing and listening to Beach Boys all possible with the Let It Rain speaker.

You can even answer the phone while you relax in a hot tub, not to be worried that your phone will get wet. There are many possibilities and many ways for non stop music with this speaker.

The most ideal way is that you never have to use your phone around water, however with this speaker you can if you need to. It has Play / Pause / Forward / Rewind / Stop and Answer Call Buttons. It’s built in battery will give you 4 to 5 hours of use before need to recharge again. Don’t worry we provide you with the charging cable as well.

-Waterproof Speaker is IPX 7 standard.
-Bluetooth enabled up to 35 feet.
-Fully compatible with all Smartphones, Tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices.
-Built in Suction cup to attach on just about any surface.
-Function buttons on top.
-Compatible with Apple Siri or voice commands.
-Micro USB charging Cable included.
-It comes in Multiple colors.

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Yellow, Red, Blue


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