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Mobile Magnet Holder And Speaker


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Magnetic Phone Stand With Speaker

It comes with a 360-degree rotating magnetic holder that holds your phone firmly, even on a bumpy road. Just use the 3M adhesive sticker that is included in the package, stick it to the flat surface of the dashboard of your car, attach your mobile to the magnet and you are ready to take calls.

The unique design of the Mobile Magnet lets you enjoy your scenic drive without worrying about holding your phone.


    • It is made of durable Aluminium and alloy.
    • Looks attractive and feels stylish, no bracket or clip is needed to attach.
    • You get a 360-degree rotating mobile holder, 2 iron sheets, 3M adhesive sticker, and dry & wet cleaning wipes.
    • Compatible withApple iPhone, Samsung,Google Pixel,
    • It comes in various colors.

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